Our partners include successful executives, entrepreneurs, and investors from around the world.


Collectively, they bring decades of operating experience and network across a wide, diverse range of market verticals.


Founded in 2016, Copernicus Holding is an independent, financial services Group based in Lugano, Switzerland that is majority owned by its founding partners. Credit Suisse (Schweiz) is a strategic, non-exclusive partner with a minority shareholding. The Group today is comprised of 2 separate operating companies, each with their own clearly defined mission thus obtaining a clear separation of duties (Asset Management and distribution activities). The Group brings together the extensive expertise of its partners and employees to create a high quality offering in Switzerland with a primary focus on Ticino. Copernicus Wealth Management is a Swiss Authorized Asset Manager (CISA/LiCol license) and acts as Investment Manager for the Pangea Blockchain Fund. Copernicus is providing seed capital for the Fund.

BITCOIN.COM stands firmly in support of financial freedom and the liberty that blockchain systems provide globally for anyone to voluntarily participate in a permission-less and decentralized network which empowers people to not be marginalized by governments and financial institutions. 


Bitcoin Cash brings sound money to the world, fulfilling the original promise of Bitcoin as “Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash”.  Merchants and users are empowered with low fees and reliable confirmations.


Roger Ver is the Executive Chairman of


Theorem is a growth marketing firm dedicated to scaling blockchain technology portfolio companies from inception too maturity. Theorem Labs has strategized and executed upon end-to-end marketing solutions for over 30 customers in 2017 (including 3M+ app installs, 18M+ user conversions, and over a billion impressions).


Theorem’s service capacity and experience includes: growth and content marketing, user acquisition, affiliate marketing, communications, scalable ad campaigns.

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